Birmingham is known as a food lover’s paradise, and there are many streets throughout town that proudly show how true this claim is. Green Springs, 20th Street, Lorna Road, 7th Avenue South, and 2nd Avenue North are just a few examples of how much taste can be found on one stretch of asphalt. But many would say that 41st Street in Avondale best captures the tasty goodness that is found throughout the Magic City. We share a few of our favorites here.

Taco Morro Loco

Everybody loves a good taco, and Birmingham has plenty of wonderful restaurants and trucks to find the best of the best when it comes to this delicious food (just ask the Birmingham Tacos account). Taco Morro Loco, which has anchored the corner next to Avondale Park for years now, has become a city favorite due to their delicious tortas, chilaquiles, soups, tacos, and more. They also have some of the nicest ownership and staff found in the state, and a wonderful setup for a great day out eating in Avondale. 

Munchies on 5th

Taco Morro Loco now has a next-door neighbor in Munchies on 5th, which replaced a gas station on the corner of 41st and 5th to bring even more entertainment to the people of the Magic City. Munchies called in heavyweight help when it comes to flavors, with their longtime friends at Thelma’s Kitchen behind the grill serving delicious wings, burgers (vegan available), and many other fantastic options. 

Ferus on 41st

Ferus has grown a dedicated following since their Trussville formation and subsequent expansion to Avondale. While beer is obviously a reason people visit the brewery, their stellar menu is another big factor. Their famous Smash Burger and Beef N Cheddar sandwiches join other favorites like Nick’s Avondale Fire Hot Sandwich and the Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Ferus on 41st has plenty of appetizers and sides, along with a brand new outdoor stage, to ensure that every trip to this location is a good one. 

Post Office Pies

Post Office Pies has the slices so nice you’ll be dreaming about them for a week. Image from Post Office Pies 

If you have a hankering for good pizza in Birmingham, Post Office Pies is the place to be. The Birmingham staple is known for its perfect hand-tossed creations that are cooked in a wood-fired brick oven. Their menu features some mouth-watering options including the Chicken Pesto, Saw’s Soul Pie (which uses Saw’s BBQ sauce), Margherita, Chicken Parmesan, and Supreme. 

Saw’s Soul Kitchen

Any Saw’s location you go to is going to provide a wonderfully tasty experience, but many in the city (including this writer) would claim Avondale to be their favorite. The Soul Kitchen restaurant on 41st has expanded from the days of their cramped yet charming dining area, and now features more space and a bar to join their delicious Southern cooking. Their Pulled Pork Plates, Bakers, and the Sweet Tea Fried Chicken Sandwich are only a small sampling of the great flavors found at this Birmingham establishment. 

Travis Chicago Style

Travis Chicago Style Polish Sausage and Bear Burger is one of the most iconic food trucks found in Birmingham. The iconic red foodmobile is most often found outside of Saturn on show nights in the area, and serves massive sausages and burgers (including a vegan option) for the good people of the Magic City. These meals can get messy, which is part of what makes them so good. 

These are only a few of the fantastic options found on 41st, which are only a small sample of the many great restaurants throughout the city of Birmingham. Get out and explore, and find your new favorite spot! The city is full of fantastic options. 

Cover image from Ferus on 41st