It is hot in Alabama. But not only Alabama, it's hot across the entire country right now and Alabama is still finding a way to lead the charge. Residents of the Magic City aren’t first-timers to this ridiculously humid heat, but that doesn’t make things any easier. What does provide relief are the things we turn to to help us cool down, including the nice frozen alcoholic beverage on occasion. Birmingham establishments have heard our calls for cool beverages, and are here to get us through the summer. Here are some of our favorite places to find a frozen drink on a hot summer day.

Birmingham Daiquiris 

There are plenty of refreshing frozen drink options to be found at Birmingham Daiquiris. Image from Birmingham Daiquiris

If you’re looking for frozen goodness, it’s never a bad idea to go to the place that has “Daiquiris” in the title. This Birmingham establishment delivers on the cool beverages and provides a relaxing atmosphere for a good night out. An added bonus is Granny’s Fish ‘N Grits, which can be found serving some of the best meals in the Magic City right next door most nights of the week.

Mom’s Basement

Some nice AC, a retro couch, and a frozen drink are the perfect counterattack to Alabama heat. Image from Mom’s.

Moms always seem to have the right ingredients to make us feel better, and this certainly holds true when it comes to libation necessities in Birmingham. After entering Mom’s Basement you’ll have to first un-distract yourself from the fabulous decor and rows of pinball machines, then you’ll eventually find a great variety of drinks including four frozen options swirling around in tantalizing formations. And yes, you can mix it up so have fun while cooling down. 

The Rougaroux 

What’s that? You want a little mystery with your drink? You demand a constant rotation of new frozen adventures to keep you on your toes each new week? Well my good Birmingham resident, I have just the place for you. The Rougaroux is always updating its frozen drink specials with some recent highlights including the Hillbilly Lemonade (peach purée, lemonade, and whiskey), Frozen Sangria, Gin Gimlet, and Frosé). Their seriously impressive menu is another great reason to stop by and enjoy a beverage in the shade. 

While these Birmingham establishments may have the ideal frozen alcoholic beverages, every restaurant and bar has some ice-cold options for you to relax with. The most important part is having fun (and staying cool) wherever you end up! 

Cover image from Pexels