We are reaching our first taste of the peak Alabama summer stages it seems. The humidity and the heat are joining forces to create a blanket of triple-degree weather that wraps around you the moment you walk out your front door. It makes you want to find any one location and stay there until the sun goes down, yet Birmingham families are still looking for stuff to do. It is the summer after all! Here are some fun, cool activities that can take up a whole afternoon.

Splash Adventure

Few places have the ability to cool a person down like the Splash Adventure Lazy River. Image from Splash Adventure 

If you grew up in the Birmingham area, there’s a good chance you have fond memories of the Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure parks. They are still creating wonderful moments with plenty of places to cool down during the hot Alabama summers. Lazy rivers lead to wave pools surrounded by slides and rafting adventures. When you need to dry down, classic roller coasters like the Rampage stand at the ready to entertain at Alabama Adventure.

Museum Hopping

Vulcan encourages us to go forth and be strong. Truly a role model for us all. Image from Vulcan Park & Museum

A recent conversation with the muralists behind the most recent 4th Avenue North murals brought about a wonderful message about the importance of easily accessible art. It was pointed out that in addition to the many impactful murals and other displays of public art we have popping up, it is truly special that the Birmingham Museum of Art is free to all on weekdays. After taking in the great sights at the BMA you can visit other nearby wonders like the McWane Science Center (Lightyear is playing on IMax through the end of June), Vulcan Park and Museum, and the Birmingham Negro Southern League Museum.

Pizitz Food Hall & Sidewalk Cinema 

Broadstreet Peaux Boys and Nola Ice in an air-conditioned setting offer some comfort against the heat. Image from The Pizitz

What do you do when you want to take a vacation but can’t leave the city right at that moment? One option is to take your tastebuds on a thrilling global adventure. The Pizitz Food Hall provides Magic City residents one location to get all the flavors that they desire (with many cool options like ThirsTea and The Spun Cow). Right below is the Sidewalk Cinema, which makes for the perfect closing to an already fun day out. 

Ice Cream Social 

As a young lad, I found myself walking down a sidewalk one day when a passerby informed me that “I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream.” At first I was merely amused by the creative play on words, but soon the truth of what I was told started to weigh on me. Everyone really does love ice cream. This might be the great unifier. Birmingham has many delicious spots to enjoy this frozen treat. Neighbors, Big Spoon, La Sabrosita, Steel City Pops, Yummy’s, and quite a few neighborhood ice cream trucks (including the ones passing by Railroad Park) offer a great ice cream getaway on a hot day.

DIY Slip-N-Slide or Birmingham Pools

I have a few things I aim to accomplish with the articles I write. I want people inside and outside of Birmingham to recognize how amazing the communities we have here are. I want to showcase concerts, celebrations, and other Magic City moments that make our overlapping at this place on the map so special. And I want to pitch a DIY Slip-N-Slide day to an audience at least once a year. All it takes is a tarp or two and a good bit of hand soap (throw in some inflatable pool floats for extra fun), and you have a great day of water-based fun. Have a good meal plan ready, as you will get hungry. Another great and affordable option to get some water time is at Birmingham pools, which also offer swim lessons as an added bonus! 

Stay cool and stay hydrated, Alabama. 

Cover image from Pexels