If there’s one thing we need to do in this life, it’s to show the ones we love how much they mean to us while we can. Taxes, jobs, and memorizing Eminem’s verse in “Forgot About Dre” feel like priorities, but at the end of the day what matters most is living every moment loving ourselves and those who care for us. While this may sound like it requires drastic action, love is often most beautiful in its simplest forms. Writing an encouraging note on the mirror, providing a listening ear over some Chipotle, or taking a ride and listening to everything from “Freebird” to “There Must Be More Than Blood” to “A Forest” (and of course the new Kendrick Lamar album) are just a few everyday acts that create an unbreakable bond over time. The casual becomes the bond, and there’s plenty of other gestures we can do to show our appreciation. Here are a few. 

Flowers and Chocolate 

Birmingham is spoiled when it comes to chocolate delicacies, thanks to Chocolata. Image from Chocolata.

A baseball game and a hotdog. Tom and Jerry. Cadillac Don and J-Money. Flowers and chocolate. Some things just go together to create classic combos, and we shouldn't discount them simply because we are used to them. A bouquet of flowers and delicious chocolate makes it clear who you hold dear, and Birmingham has the places to go for help making this sweet gesture. Chocolata is known for their artisan chocolates, and have even partnered with Magic City artists like Yogi Dada to create some cool concepts. Norton’s Florist is a good traditional flower gifting spot while Botanica, SHOPPE, and House Plant Collective give some great plant options.

Something to Read

A picture is worth a thousand words, but nothing captures the beauty of a story like a good ole fashioned book. There are plenty of places to find a good read in Birmingham, with each book shop holding their own unique perspective of the Magic City. Reed’s Books, Thank You Books, Little Professor, and our many wonderful libraries all provide access into entire new realities through these paper passages. Multiple Birmingham comic book shops offer great graphic novels as well! 

Jewelry and Clothes

Few things are as fun as going shopping for new treasures with the one you hold dearest, and cities like Birmingham have plenty of options to do so. Shops like Charm, What’s On 2nd, Manitou Supply, TrynaB, and more all make for a fun fashion experience, not to mention the many great thrift shops around the area. There are plenty of flea markets, vintage shops, and boutique stores to make for a wonderful shopping excursion for all who want to go on a Magic City shopping adventure. 


Meat and cheese are two of the finest goods found on planet Earth, and charcuterie boards enable humans to experience the most luxurious version of these cherished plates. The selection of fancy meats is often highlighted by a beautiful nature-filled backdrop, and Birmingham has plenty of companies to assist in this romancing. Chef Charlee Bee and Yo Mama’s catering are just two examples of Birmingham’s charcuterie excellence. For couples looking for a golden eating experience, Lady E’s famous 24k chicken wings are a surefire way to make sure your date is a flashy one! 

No matter how you choose to surprise your significant other, the important thing is showing you care. There are plenty of ways to do so, and each brings its own unique benefits. As long as it's done with love, it’s the right thing to do! 

Image from Pixabay