Welcome to a bustling Magic City! Barons games are in abundance, concert announcements are coming in at alarming speeds, and uniquely Birmingham events continue to bolster the excitement happening about town. The middle of May keeps this trend going, with all sorts of happenings to keep the good times rolling. Here are a few of the events we are most looking forward to.

Bad Omens at Iron City (Wednesday)

Another week, another sold out Iron City show. This time Bad Omens comes to the famously air conditioned venue for what is sure to be a thrilling Wednesday night experience. One of Birmingham’s most cherished hometown bands, ERRA, will be playing as well. This is going to be a fun one for all who are able to get inside! 

Ricky Tate at Rojo (Thursday)

Ramblin’ Ricky Tate isn’t just a talented musician - he’s a music lover. Jug music, punk, and all sorts of other genres might be played by the artists any given week. This Thursday finds Ricky at Rojo, where he will be playing blues and folk music at one of the Magic City’s most pleasant dining establishments. 

The DOPE Show at POLARIS (Saturday)

You already know this event’s going to be a good one from the name. Some of the city’s coolest creatives will be coming together for this fun event on Saturday at POLARIS curated by Kira Nix. There will be poetry from Lex and live performances from John Jr., ChriStyle, Michael Kure, Beezie Conwell, and Ham-Flo. There will also be food, drinks, vendors, and music from Plain Ol Marcus in between sets. 

High Tea at the Greenhouse ft. Ebony Stewart & Meadow Maraj (Sunday)

It’s hard to describe all the beautiful and powerful moments that The Flourish brings to Birmingham. The best way to understand is to simply attend an event. The opportunity to do so returns this Sunday at the group’s headquarters at The Greenhouse. This week’s edition features Ebony Stewart and Meadow Maraj.

Melanin Mala Project 2k23 (Sunday)

The BLK Yogi is an unstoppable force moving throughout the Magic City, and this movement is built on love, community, and yoga! One of the most fun ways this is shown is through the annual Melanin Mala event at East Lake Park, which features all sorts of yoga exercises led by yogis around the country. We would highly recommend stopping by this Sunday’s celebration which takes place from noon to 3pm.

Cover image by Zach Searcy