Latinos Con Onda has become one of Birmingham’s most fun music experiences. The vinyl-loving collective is now reaching new heights with the announcement of their beer release with Ghost Train Brewing Company. The Mexican Lager, called Latinos Con Onda, is a deliciously crisp corn-based beer with a 5% ABV and one of the most creative can designs you’ll see in your entire life. The Magic City party starters will be celebrating the release of this new beer Saturday at Ghost Train’s new location beginning at 4pm and going until midnight. The event will include a thrilling lineup of musicians from around the country along with local food, art, and other vendors to make for the perfect day. 

What is now an understood party hub first began as a podcast. Kristhian Trevino and Nano are two friends who also happen to be Djs (Mamalon Selector and Nano). They both–along with Isabell who helps with logistics–have a passion for Latino music, vinyl parties, and good times–and were finding an audience who felt the same. One night in Kristhian’s kitchen after a few drinks the friends decided that they’d host a party–but not centered around their podcast. This one would be a tribute to the Latin vinyl parties the friends had attended in large cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. 

The first show was at one of Birmingham’s most cherished bars of the not-too-distant past, The Atomic. Latinos Con Onda is quick to thank the former owners for giving them their first opportunity to host their unique Latin vinyl shindig.  “We didn’t have any social media so we were just texting friends like ‘Hey we’re going to be doing this. Come if you have time,” Mamalon Selector remembers. About 40 people showed up that night, and things have been rapidly growing ever since. The list of famous Magic City establishments that would host these ever-growing bashes came to include Ghost Train, TrimTab, Saturn, Shu Shop, Tropicaleo, Mayawell, and more. 

“The party got out of our hands in a positive way. It started growing and growing and growing, and now they’re not small get-togethers–now they’re big parties,” the hosts share, “It’s always like a pop-up party or pop-up event in different venues. We try to put our Latino touch on them.” Their goal is for people to walk into their favorite venues and not recognize them for the night, but experience a party that they will never forget. 

A big part of this atmosphere is the vendors–which is a continued theme in Saturday’s festivities. “We love vinyl culture. We love art. We love fashion. We love drinks. We love mother nature,” Latinos Con Onda shares, “Not only the music provides the positive vibes. It does a lot, but having someone there displaying their art and all their jewelry, and other things that vendors provide us. For us, that’s a plus to the vibe of the party.” Vendors for this event include city favorites like Trynab studios, Steel City CBD, Trailer Park Photos, Art By Burx, Lost Appareal, Crazy Cat Crystals, and Sandy Boutique Shop. There will also be a delicious Latin food market with Cenaduria Morelia, Mariscos Don Julio;, Oaxaquena Lichita, Chilitos Bham, Paletas De Hielo, Happy Fruit Truck, and ThirsTea Cafe

It’s always a good time when Mamalon Selector is behind the turntables. Image by NUVE Studios

 “Everyone is welcome. All races. All sexual orientations–the party unites us,” the DJs share, “Forget about the problems and see everyone as a brother. Have fun with every single person in your town. In the end we are neighbors and we are brothers. We want to try to help everyone feel great.” Ghost Train, who was first introduced to Latinos Con Onda through fellow vinyl DJ Suaze with The Shure Shot, has always understood this beautiful aspect of a Latino Con Onda party, and was eager to collaborate with them on a Mexican Lager. 

 “The people in Ghost Train are very friendly and professional. We’ve had our biggest parties with them, but they made them feel very smooth,” the Latinos Con Onda hosts state, “Everything’s easy with them. They’re professional, and when the idea came about having a Mexican Lager we were so stoked.” They were even more excited that Ghost Train invited them to be a part of the entire beer creation process, all the way down to the canning. We were able to watch that stage of the process with Ghost Train and Latinos Con Onda, and must say those are the most beautifully designed cans we’ve seen.

Both the cans and the poster art were created by the talented Barbas in Mexico. Kristhian has long been a fan of his work, which often includes concert posters for popular Mexican rock bands. They’ve worked together on a few posters now, and nailed the release’s concept which pays tribute to the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl. The feathered serpent comes down from the pyramids in Chichén Itzå every March, which leads to prayers for peace and lots of positive energy in the area. The DJs aim to create peace and brotherhood through their shows, and have been inspired by the mythological being. 

The Mayan god Quetzalcoatl greets all who drink this collaborative brew. Image and cover photo taken by NUVE Studios

The beer itself is a delicious blend of smooth and flavorful. “One of the main ingredients is corn. Corn is very important also for the Mexican culture,” Latinos Con Onda shares, going on to detail Vance from GT’s explanation that most beer uses rice so this delicious beverage will be a bit more crisp than most. “It is delicious. I’m really excited for everyone to try it.” 

From the artists to the photographers (NUVE Studios with this beer release) to their fellow musicians to Ghost Train, everyone Latinos Con Onda partners with takes pride in their work and believes in creating friendships–not just business deals–through their collaborations.  “We like quality. Quality on the illustrations. On the photos, on the videos, on the party,” they share. The friendships extend to the musicians who are coming from across the United States to play in Birmingham this Saturday. Marcelo C. Baez has been doing big things in New York for a while now. “I’m a big fan of his parties. I know him from 17 years ago or so. I’ve been a big fan of his work,” Emmanuel shares. La Colcha has invited Latinos Con Onda to play at vinyl parties in Chicago in the past, so these aren’t new relationships. These are strong friendships through music and a passion for joy.

“We want (attendees) to experience happiness, unity, feeling great with all the people that are going to be there,” Latinos Con Onda shares of their events, “At the beginning you come with an open mind, open ears to listen to some of this great music.” They start with more deep vinyl cuts and end the night with reggaeton and other dance favorites. “It’s a mix of mainstream and non-mainstream music played in the night,” the DJs share, “We enjoy the clash.” This event will feature lotteria (Mexican bingo), tacos, tamales, and all sorts of wonderfully fun moments. 

Latinos Con Onda has grown a lot in a short time–culminating in recent heights like Mamalon Selector’s show with Substrate Radio titled The Other Sounds of Latinoamérica, this beer release, and a steady stream of upcoming, ever-growing shows. “We can’t express how thankful we are for every single person who has attended our parties,” the culture-lovers share, going on to say it’s the fans, sponsors, vendors, and musical acts that truly make these events special. 

We’d say they are a pretty big part of what makes this city so special, and can’t wait to have a toast in celebration of two great organizations coming together to improve all of our lives. Congratulations, Latinos Con Onda and Ghost Train Brewing!