Slutty Vegan is officially open in Birmingham. Vegan eaters and food-lovers of all varieties have been waiting in anticipation ever since plans for the restaurant’s newest location was first announced in 2020, and the patience paid off last Sunday with one of the largest celebrations the Magic City has thrown for an opening restaurant. Pinky Cole opened her first Slutty Vegan food truck in 2018, followed by the first Atlanta-based brick-and-mortar in January of the next year. The brand has been a sensation from the moment its vegan menu became available to the public, with Birminghamians traveling to Atlanta or waiting in lines just as long as the drive to Georgia when the Slutty Vegan truck came to the Magic City. Sunday’s Grand Opening represents a huge milestone for Pinky and her Slutty Vegan team as well as a city that continues to make itself known as a foodie destination.

Cole has shown from the very first moments of her restaurant’s Woodlawn opening that she is not just here to make money from our community - she is invested in the destinations her shops call home. The Grand Opening wasn’t only about Slutty Vegan - it was about the city. DJ Gap, who just finished his World Games residency then went on tour with Love Moor, supplied the vibes. Birmingham CEOs like Aisha Taylor of Bridge + Root were able to listen to Pinky Cole share her success story and lessons learned along the way. Birmingham vendors were set up along the 55th Place Street which also hosts Woodlawn Street Market and is a mainstay for city favorites like Slutty Vegan’s new neighbors at Club Duquette and Earth Libraries. Another great moment was Cole giving checks to the first 6 people who were in line (and waited hours to be the first to try favorites like the “Fussy Hussy”, “Sloppy Toppy”, and “One Night Stand” from Slutty Vegan’s first Alabama brick-and-mortar).

The Slutty Vegan crew taking a rest after a long but exciting Grand Opening! Image from Slutty Vegan

The move to Birmingham doesn’t only benefit the residents of the Magic City, it was clearly the right choice for Slutty Vegan to pick as their first permanent location outside of Georgia. Birminghamians are craving more vegan resources and have shown that we are more than ready to support those that dedicate themselves to this effort full-time. Not Ya Average Leaf is one of the food trucks that has made mouths water with options like their Vegan Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls and city favorites like Mikarios, Falafel Cafe, Yummefy, and many more all ensure that vegan diets are given delicious options. Even with all of these wonderful choices, we have to imagine that there will be a line to order from Slutty Vegan for many months and years to come - which is perfectly fine with us! 

All in all, Sunday’s Slutty Vegan Grand Opening was a clear reminder of the constant excitement that is taking place in the Magic City! Another great day in Birmingham.

Cover image from Pinky Cole