Southern cooking is one of life’s truest treasures, and we are the blessed people put in the center of this flavorful land of meat and threes, BBQ, and extra sweet tea. Collard greens, catfish, and pecan pie are some common favorites that can be found on a plate in the South, but nothing captures the essence of Southern exceptionalism like the fried green tomato. Birmingham’s much-deserved reputation as a food city doesn’t falter when presenting this fried veggie, with many great options being served throughout. We share just a few favorites here.

Green Acres

Green Acres has spent the last few decades becoming a Birmingham wing fixture, with locations found from West End to Centerpoint (East Lake is this writer’s personal favorite). Inside these fried paradises is a deal that is hard to refuse - the “Manager’s Special”. This deal comes with 5 wings, french fries, a slice of white bread, and the beloved fried green tomato. The different parts of the meal overlap to send the eater on a tastebud rollercoaster, but it’s the fried green tomatoes that make this special stand out. We’d recommend to all people looking to support flavorful Birmingham businesses, or anyone who likes eating good! 

Saw’s Soul Kitchen 

Saw’s Soul Kitchen greeting 41st Street with delicious smells. Photo via SawsBBQ 

Much like Green Acres, the Saw’s BBQ team has seen their collection of restaurants become embedded in the city’s DNA. Each of the five locations brings unique menu items and has its own vibe. One of the absolute best is Saw’s Soul Kitchen in Avondale, which recently expanded and now includes a bar. The overlapping eating experience of the location is now gone, but fortunately the most important detail has remained the same - fried green tomatoes continue to be served.

These tomatoes are so good you don’t even need to apply the traditional remoulade sauce. Of course, dipping in remoulade will only add to the experience but we simply can’t state enough how good these tomatoes are on their own. The restaurant also serves a FGT BLT for those looking for a delicious sandwich experience in the Magic City.

Irondale Cafe

The legendary fried green tomatoes at Irondale Cafe. Photo via Irondale Cafe 

It may not be written in the state of Alabama’s law books, but it would be criminal to include a list of top fried green tomato spots and not include the restaurant that sparked a green tomato movement - the Irondale Cafe. The excitement started with Fannie Flagg’s 1987 book “Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe” and hit its peak with the 1992 movie adaptation titled “Fried Green Tomatoes” - both inspired by this quaint cafe in Irondale! The green tomatoes don’t disappoint one bit, and there are dozens of delicious Southern food heavyweights ready to share the plate with them.

Three of Many

While these are a few of the finest fried green tomato spots in the city, they are far from the only ones. Fried vegetables are one of life’s more simple treasures, and it’s even more enjoyable when you support local while doing so.