The weather is getting warm in Birmingham, and residents from every corner of the Magic City are looking for lovely shaded outdoor spots to eat great food while taking in nature’s magnificent beauty. The flowers are in full bloom, the birds are chirping like they’ve released their inhibition and feel the rain on their skin, and the joggers are jogging like there’s no tomorrow. The people are ready to eat outside. Fortunately, there are many wonderful spots to do so. Here are a few of our favorites.


The Highland Park neighborhood has some of the best parks to take in a warm Alabama day, and Rojo’s indoor balcony overlooks one of the best in Rushton Park. If you choose to take a short walk after your meal, other great spots like Rhodes Park, Caldwell Park, and more are a short stroll away. But first the food: Fantastic quesadillas, salads, tacos, and more join the famous Fuego Burger to provide plenty of wonderful dining options. Their signature margaritas, sangria, draft beer selections, and other beverages ensure a great experience.

Taco Morro Loco

Nothing beats eating a good taco on a good Birmingham day. Taco Morro Loco’s Avondale location is the perfect spot to take in the beautiful Magic City outdoors. Avondale Park is right across the road, Munchies on 5th is right next door, and an eclectic wire draped with tennis shoes and art leads to Ferus on 41st, Firehouse, Saturn, and more. The food options are also fantastic including a great variety of tacos, quesadillas, chilaquiles, and ice cold soft drinks made with pure sugarcane! The staff is always friendly, and the times are always good at Taco Morro Loco.

McFly’s Bird Shoppe

Right down this alley to the left of McFly’s and Panache is a wonderful outdoor dining area. Image from McFly’s

Walking into McFly’s Bird Shoppe in 5 Points South feels like a blast from the past, but at first it seems like there are very few seating options to enjoy the delicious chicken (or vegan alternatives) meal you just purchased. A short walk down the alley where the restaurant’s entrance is found shows that you should have never been worried, as multiple picnic tables in a cool courtyard make for the perfect day eating out. McFly’s menu only adds to the excitement with massive sandwiches like the Phat Marty and the Phat Biff joining original and spicy tenders combos and french fries and tater tots that come in plain, bbq, old bay, and ranch seasoning options.


One of the most unique outdoor dining experiences in Birmingham can be found at Rougaroux in Forest Park, where po’boys, gumbo, and boudin reign supreme. Soul and old-time rock and roll music (the kind that just soothes the soul) join a collection of entertaining pictures and sports memorabilia to make for quite a memorable day out. There is always a fun unique menu addition and drink special each day, and lots of good times are sure to be found at this Magic City establishment. 

Back Forty

A beer, a good meal, and a great view are all parts of the Back Forty experience. Image from Back Forty

Back Forty Beer Company has the three critical things to earn the ranking of top-tier brewery: great beer, a great outdoor area, and great food to partner with their fine beverages. Their location at Sloss Docks is one of the coolest locations found in Birmingham, with the historic Furnaces right next door. Their menu features classics like salads, burgers, chicken sandwiches (with vegan alternatives), and lots of pizza options.

The Garage

The food at The Garage is incentive enough to visit, but the sights will keep you returning. Image from The Garage

Although I had always heard great things about The Garage and lived in close proximity to the restaurant for over a year, I somehow never managed to make the journey over until I met Burgin Mathews for an interview earlier this year. I immediately questioned my awareness of the city I claim to love, as the staff behind the cash-only bar and restaurant nicely welcomed me. I then met Burgin outside, where we dined next to old statues and what seemed to be a retired flea market. I enjoyed every moment, and you will too. 

Hero Doughnuts & Buns

Railroad Park is one of the most delightful areas of Birmingham, with beautiful greenery and water complimenting walking trails and a gorgeous city backdrop. Hero Doughnuts & Buns showcases all of these views with their outdoor seating area, while also offering Birminghamians a fantastic menu that features chicken sandwiches, burgers, and of course doughnuts. 

When it comes down to it, we are fortunate to live in a scenic city. There are many wonderful places to enjoy an outdoor lunch, and they all come with their own delicious menu. 

Cover image from Rojo