The hamburger and its cheese-loving counterpart have been favorite meals in the USA for decades, with fast food and sit-down establishments all competing to create the best rendition. The classic beef patty with buns, lettuce, onions, tomato, pickles, and condiments will always be an iconic meal - but what about those of us that want to experience a new take on this timeless wonder? Fortunately for Birminghamians, our city is ready to provide some of the most diverse burgers you’ll see in this lifetime. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Jack Brown’s

Yes Jack Brown’s has regular burgers, but wouldn’t it be fun to take a walk on the wild side? Image from Jack Brown’s 

If it’s a unique burger experience you want, then Jack Brown’s should be the first stop on your quest. Fried egg, peanut butter, mac n’ cheese, jalapeno jelly, and even cream cheese can all be found on burgers at this famous establishment. The Lakeview favorite even has special menu options for each day of the week, with each choice bringing its own flavors that are just as creative as the regular menu items. 


The Rojo menu lends itself to diversity with the Latin and American menu options. The Fuego Burger stands out amongst dozens of great meal options due to its tasty toppings that are highlighted by one of the spiciest (and tastiest) sauces that has ever been placed atop a burger. We’d highly recommend this enjoyable meal.


Unique burgers and arcade games are a combination that can’t be topped - and it’s found at Paramount. Image from Paramount

Paramount sets itself apart from other restaurants the moment you step inside the building. Arcade games join great food and drink options to create the ultimate fun house for adults. The burger options (which can also be applied to hot dogs) add to this exceptional atmosphere. “The Southern” burger has ingredients including pimento cheese and fried pickles, while the “El Capitan” has avocado, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, and more.

Black Market

Black Market doesn’t just make interesting burgers - they will make the process interesting as well if you desire! Both locations boast a menu full of outlandish customer favorites like the Queso Burger, Pimento Cheese Burger, Hades Burger, and Disgraceland Burger (Peanut butter, jelly, egg, and bacon). But the bar doesn’t stop there. They take the ordering process to a new (and fun) level with the Trashcan Burger. The catch? Black Market’s cooks can put any topping they want on your meal. Fans have seen everything from quesadillas to cheese sticks become a part of their new favorite tradition.

These are only a few of the wonderful establishments that offer fantastic burgers in the Magic City! It’s up to you to find the toppings that suit your crazy taste buds, but Bham is here to help! 

Cover image from Pexels