Bill Withers would be proud of Birmingham today. The city is the present embodiment of a “Lovely Day” that the singer loved so much. The best part of such beautiful days is that they elevate our enjoyment of any task we have to accomplish. But what activities can we choose that actually enhance our ability to take in the great weather and make the day the best it can be? There are endless possibilities to create a great day in the Magic City - here are a few of our favorites.

Take A Walk

What’s the best way to enjoy a beautiful day? Get out and see some of the scenery! Birmingham has options for every type of backdrop you’d like to encounter. Want to see some beautiful wooded hills and mountains? Go to Oak Mountain or Ruffner. Want a more city-filled experience? Try the Rotary Trail or City Walk. Want a blend of both? Railroad or Vulcan Trail. Mix it up or go to your favorite every time. Either way a pleasant adventure awaits. 

Fly A Kite

I’m not one to get FOMO often, but I’ve had two people in my life share stories of flying kites recently and most admit that I felt I had missed out on a good time. The good thing is that there’s an easy solution to this feeling - buy a kite! We have many great parks to enjoy your high-flying buddy. Catch the breeze and catch a vibe. 

Brewery Tour

Birmingham is in its brewery heyday. The best part is that many of these fun water holes and social spaces are a short walk from each other. Good People and Monday Night are practically neighbors and not far from Uproot, TrimTab, and Hi-Wire who are all a hop and a skip from Ferus, Avondale, Cahaba, and True Story for example. Birmingham District, Back Forty, and Ghost Train are all along this unofficially official brewery trail as well. 

Play A Sport

It’s a great time to be a leisure sports enthusiast in the Magic City. Disc golf and pickleball are both growing at an impressive rate and have seen an increase in available playing areas throughout the Greater Metro. Golf, basketball, cornhole, and volleyball are just a few of the other outdoor activities that can be easily found to casually enjoy on a sunny day in Birmingham.

Mural Appreciation

Birmingham is full of incredible murals, which isn’t something to take for granted! Art hubs such as Ensley, Woodlawn, 3rd and 4th Avenue North, 5 Points South, and more are full of beautiful art that adds even more color to an already beautiful day. With events like the Magic City Mural Festival and funding opportunities for murals from the city - we can only expect to have more with time. 

It doesn’t matter how you enjoy the day, the important part is that you get outside and find some joy! 

Cover image from Ruffner Mountain